Birling Gap cliff top barrier for The National Trust      
Water play sculpture for Tryhall School      
Nose Garden Starling Gate Starling Gate  
Garden Clothes christian Funnell  
Duck Weed Curtain Running Man Garden Clothes  

Duck Weed Curtain is fabricated from multiple steel leaves that are plasma cut and stamped with a corrugation for strength. These are welded to a piece of mesh that has been distorted and stretched by a bulldozer at the local scrap yard.

The pixelated sculpture becomes clearer at a distance and a circular motif becomes visible from apparent chaos. The veil of green on my garden pond is my initial inspiration. It covers my personal water source; the shallow body of water has come to represent my subconscious. In autumn as nature goes to sleep, so sleep and the unconscious becomes an important interest in my life.

Running Man is a monolith of rusty leaves, a hollow hedge. The shadow of the runner is cut from the topiary creating a figure from the interior. The interior is hermetically sealed with a lattice of pins creating a physical space that records a transient moment- the runner becomes a landmark similar to a cairn.

On display at Pride of the Valley Sculpture Park

I have made a series of flat tree like forms that have similarities to paintings mounted on an easel but in their case, they incorporate their background in their mostly circular framework. To galvanise a sculpture, the object must let the molten zinc flow through unimpeded. The figure consists of just forged clothes standing in their own right, implying that surface appearance is all we have. The figure has the same material importance as the rest of the ‘environment’ even though it stands in the centre of its world.  
Runner Rhythmn Peace Sculpture Waterplay Sculpture  

Entagled (left) Chalk Seating Oakgrove School (middle)

Bromley Tree of Knowledge
Bromley College of Further Education,
Avalon Gate Pineapple Arch Zen Gate Detail  

Air Fix gate Shower Room Berwick Church Candle Stand  

Ancestor Gate Chicken House   Changing Woman

Forest gate Appendage sign and gate Roadmender Arts Cenre The Strand restaurant sign Strand bar and water feature Strand bar, Brighton

  Appendage shelves 1991 Crop forecaster chair Regency bed sitter wardrobe Bladderrack gate  

Aromatic gate for Taj organic supermarket Taj gate detail Downland contour gate

  Crawley fauna Newhaven's cormorant

Genetic puppets gate Twister tables and stools. Eastleigh dance centre 1997